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 Cool price CD, News for your collection: LDOH, Yacopsae... 
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MessageSujet: Cool price CD, News for your collection: LDOH, Yacopsae...   Heure du post :sam. 10 mai 14 - 15:04

Available at http://grindshop.bonesbrigaderecords.com/

Compact Disc

CD AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE “Relief” (Aussie) 8.99 Euros

Awesome new album! One of the most crazy Tortured Grind in Australia, for fans of Discordance Axis, Narcosis etc…

Split CD AUTORITAR / WARSORE (Aussie/ger) 7.99 Euros

Cult Split 10“ repress on Split CD, between fast crust and uncompromising Grindcore!!

Digipack EIBON “II” (Fra) 7.99 Euros

Two massive twenty-minutes tracks where EIBON refine their very own vision of slow and painful music.

CD EXCRUCIATING TERROR “Expression of Pain” (US) 8.99 Euros

Grindcore album Masterpiece!! Classic, legend, cult…! + extra unreleased Live tracks!!

CD FEASTEM “Avaritia humanae” (Swe/Fin) 7.99 Euros

Ultra fast grindcore with energic breaks down attack!!, awesome album!

CD Digisleeve GRIDLINK “Longhena” (US) 7.99 Euros

Tortured Ultra Fast Math Grind! With Bryan on drums from Kill The Client, Phobia etc…

CD HATRED SURGE “Collection 2008-2009” (US) 8.99 Euros

The 2nd collection . Contains all tracks from the DECONSTRUCT 12 and both the ISOLATED HUMAN 7" & the 2 track SERVANT/BESTIAL 7". FastcoreGrind.

CD HUMAN CULL “Stillborn Nation” (UK) 7.99 Euros

Very good Grindcore!! From raging riffs to good fast energy!


Old-School Grindcore / Grind’N’Roll / Apocalyptic Grind.

MCD INFECTED SOCIETY “Get Infected” (Fra) 5.99 Euros

Sick “right in your face” Grindcore!! Incl. Napalm Death and Pantero cover song.

3”MCD K.S.K. “Bounecore from tha hood” (Ger) 5.99 Euros

German thrashcore freaks with new CD!!! 17 songs of pure dirty thrashing core!!! For fans of INFEST, YACOPSAE…

Double CD LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “-Since 1989 – Rest in Gore” (Nl) 15 Euros

Almost 160 minutes of brutal fast old school goregrind!!! Contains: -128 songs -28 unreleased songs -Complete new art work

Complete discography till 2014 -All 7" EP's and demo's –sticker.

CD MACHETAZO “Live at CBGB” NYC (Spa) 7.99

CD version of the limited vinyl pressing released two years ago by Black Mass Records.

Live recordings at the legendary CBGB club in NYC. Outstanding sound quality! 15 songs plus MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM covers.

CD MASSGRAV “Napalm over stureplan” (Swe) 7.99 Euros

Furious, pissed off, ass kicking Scandi-thrash-grind, 27 songs of a non-stop barrage of ripping guitars, crazed drumming, and seething vocals.

CD MASSGRAV “This war will be won by meat eaters” (Swe) 7.99 Euros

20 new songs of hyper pissed Swedish hardcore grind thrash, including a Limp Wrist cover.

Digisleeve CD MONSTERS! Compilation 7,99 Euros

With: Total Fucking Destruction / Dept of Correction, C.O.A.G. Miserable Failure, Unsu, Infected Society.

CD NASHGUL “Obey” (Spa) 7.99 Euros

“Obey”compiles songs from the splits with P.L.F. and MALPRACTICE INSURANCE plus some previously unreleased ones.

CD NOLENTIA “May the hand that holds the match…” (Fra) 7,99

Intense and dark Grindcore, clear, tight and powerfull Grind!!

Double-CD PACTUM “Sucubo m.o.d.l.” (Mex) 10 Euros

Full Discography, 2 albums, 1 demo and 2 EP!! Dark Black Death, Cult!!

Very well designed, inner sleeve, lyrics etc..

CD P.L.F. “Ultimate Whirlwindof Incineration” (US) 8.99 Euros

Fourth and new album, turbo drums and pure violent attacks of riffs.

CD SPLITTER “Avskrackande exemplar” (Fin) 7.99 Euros

Fast right to the point Grindcore, in the vein of Nasum.


With: Weekend Nachos, Kill The Client, Spoonful of Vacodin, Insect Warfare, Magrudergrind, Maruta, Total Fucking Destruction, Brutal Truth…etc…14 Bands!!!

CD TODAY IS THE DAY “in the eyes of god” (US) 7,99 Euros

Harsh vocals, sudden changes in feel, and -- most importantly -- crashing, clanging guitar riffs that bludgeon the listener!

CD YACOPSAE “Tanz, Grosny, Tanz…” (Ger) 7.99 Euros

Back in stock, Stop and Go Power Grinding Violence, A Must!

7” EP

Split EP Fanzine COMMUNAL GRAVE N°2 (written in English)

7” with Yacopsae / Slight Slappers, Both bands uncompromised PowerViolence + Fanzine with Gride Tour Report + TFD / Idiots Parade Tour Report + Despise You Summer Euro Tour 2013 Tour Report, Backslider interview etc…

Split EP FATAL NUNCHAKU / xKATExMOSHx (Fra/Ita) 4.50 Euros

Orange Wax, Grindcore vs Fastcore, very good split!!!

Split EP HEMDALE / DOUBLED OVER (US/…) 4,99 Euros

Pure Gory Grind Madness!!! Finally something gore and good!! Hemdale is back!!! / Old School Grindcore savage.

12” LP & 10”

10” HORSE BASTARD “Giraffetermath” (uk) 8 Euros

Intense Grind Violence, unsane vocal!! Fast Fast Fast!!!Crazy huge energy!! A Must!!

Picture LP LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “Hymns of indigestible suppuration” (Nl) 12 Euros

Gore Grind Classic repress on picture!! So good, still!!!

Cassette / Tape


Limited to 100 copies edition, including two bonus tracks: studio and live cover versions of NASUM's "Blinded" Total Grind!

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