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 Smash Hit Combo + Shoot The Girl First + Danforth ! 
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MessageSujet: Smash Hit Combo + Shoot The Girl First + Danforth !   Heure du post :lun. 20 févr. 17 - 13:06

Sherep et le Gibus Live présentent Smash Hit Combo + Shoot The Girl First + Danforth le samedi 22 avril !

Release party Smash hit combo !

Smash Hit Combo (Rapcore/Nu metal/Deathcore, FR)

Even though the scene seemed dead, Smash Hit Combo revived the deeply influential sound of 90s rap/metal. Playing for almost ten years, Smash Hit Combo developed their own unique sound that was influenced by bands such as Limp Bizkit and Incubus that managed to incorporate their godfathers' killer groove and sharpened hip hop flow.

But don't believe that it's all about complaining. Their lyrics are deeply rooted in "geek" video games and pop culture that are utilized as a prism to define the problems and struggles of their own generation. All in all, Smash Hit Combo's creed is to pursue their will and wishes, while bearing their crosses of « Hardcore Gamers »
Although their music is in perpetual evolution, it captures the violent, impulsive and intense sounds heard throughout the genre. So, don't pass up an occasion to experience Smash Hit Combo's very own way to "pardon their French"

Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shc.officiel/

Shoot The Girl First (Metal/Hardcore/Electronic, FR)

After touring all though Europe, playing more than a hundred shows and selling more than 30,000 songs sold on iTunes, 2014 held the departure of vocalist Nathan. But already a few months later, SHOOT THE GIRL FIRST were happy to welcome the new voice Alex, coming straight from Pittsburgh, USA. After another European run the band entered the studio to finish writing and recording its second album.

To be continued

SHOOT THE GIRL FIRST’s sophomore ‘I Confess’, produced by Florent Salfati at Homeless Records in Marseille, France, is not just a sequel of their past works but nevertheless it continues the story of a band that is worth to be told. The album is released April 1, 2016 worldwide on Red-
field Records and manages to combine the musical output with the cinematic interests of the band.

SHOOT THE GIRL FIRST will return to a theatre near you

Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shootthegirlfirst/

Danforth (Hardcore, FR)

Influenced by the HxC / Metal and Hiphop of the 90s' Danforth has developed an original and powerfull style of hardcore. The band today reached maturity after seven years of lives given in France and Europe, 3 CD's self-produced demo, including two split CD's, an EP released in 2009...
Soon after the release of the EP "No Fear 2 Bleed" the band began to write new songs. At the end of 2011, Danforth get in 8-ball Studio for recording their first album "Crime In Hell". Recorded and mixed by Sebastien Langle, mastered by New Alliance East Mastering (Terror, Converge, Lofofora ...) The album contains thirteen new songs, a blend of Hardcore, Punk, Hiphop and Trash-metal all in an urban and incisive style that gives Danforth a unique style. For their first album, US legendary figures such as Danny Diablo (Skarhead) and James Stikman (Fury of Five / Boxcutter / Full Metal Jacket) get in a featuring!
The songs alternates English and French, screaming and phrasing Hiphop.
Lyrics without concessions invite listeners to share the rage of the band.

Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HxC.Danforth/

Événement Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/1616303758675114/
Billetterie : https://www.yesgolive.com/gibus-live/smash-hit-combo-shoot-the-girl-first
14 € en préventes/ 16 € sur place


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