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 Greek Black Metal 
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MessageSujet: Greek Black Metal   Heure du post :sam. 23 sept. 17 - 09:53


I have seen topics about Norwegian Black Metal, Canadian Black Metal, American Black Metal, British Black Metal, Swedish Black Metal, German Black Metal, and French Black Metal, but no topic about Greek Black Metal. To me, that is an outrage, because Greece has one of the most unique Black Metal scenes in the world.

Rotting Christ needs no introduction. Formed around the same time as Rotting Christ is Varathron, which displays black metal in its primitive stages, with mid-paced rhythms and low, death metal-type vocals. Then there's Necromantia, who have an 8-string bass in place of the guitar, which they effectively use to create an original sound. There's Agatus, who blends black metal with the NWOBHM sound, and Nocternity, a one-man band akin to Burzum and Graveland, who sings high praises of ancient Greece. There is also Astarte, the all-woman black metal band that is not afraid to experiment with the other extreme metal genres. Most notable of all is Naer Mataron, the Gorgoroth of the Hellenes (musically, that is).

Care to share your thoughts?

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