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 Remove itemlevel requirement for premade dungeon heroics/LFR 
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MessageSujet: Remove itemlevel requirement for premade dungeon heroics/LFR   Heure du post :jeu. 5 oct. 17 - 13:36

I still have the release of cataclysm in mind and I remember how horrible it was to ding 85 and going into the heroic manually because the dungeon finder wanted 329 Itemlevel, even tho fresh level 85 gear was more than enough for a premade group. Not like it took long to get over the 329 itemlevel requirement, but e.g for our tank was extremely unlucky and it took us hours of walking to instances to get him the required itemlevel to be able to queue.
Now for lfr it will be the same thing, for a decent guild you don't need any gear to be able to beat LFR with ease, but it would take ages to get 25 players over the required itemlevel just to be eligible to queue? I totally understand the itemlevel requirement for a random group, but if a premade group wants a challenge or can beat an instance without the item level requirement easily, why not allow it by default?

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